Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Madison WI

I create kitchen and bath designs tailored to your unique specifications and lead you through every stage of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

I specialize in helping clients spend only what is needed and knowing what the end result is before starting, that way a level of confidence is reached which offers peace of mind. Soon after our first conversation you’ll know you’re in front of the experience and understanding which will guide you to the affordable kitchen or bath remodel you deserve.

My Philosophy

If you start with a well-designed plan, you end up with a better more beautiful kitchen or bath. That’s my philosophy and it’s also the reason I have so many highly satisfied customers.

My focus from day one is on providing the kitchen or bath you’ve always wanted. To that end, I listen, I learn and I discover precisely what you want in your project. Then I turn those ideas into reality reflecting your lifestyle in stunning fashion. I do all of this at rates considered in the middle range for kitchen and bath remodeling. In fact, my customers have discovered that they do not have to overspend or underspend to realize the kitchen or bath they’ve always wanted. Example my Cabinet resources are priced in the low, medium and high of MIDDLE RANGE giving you long lasting Enjoyment and Value!

With over 25 years of experience I am one of Madison’s most creative and knowledgeable kitchen & bath designers. I bring passion to every project creating style and long-lasting beauty. I have a great reputation for taking an idea and then seeing it through in every stage of kitchen & bath design including materials, texture and color.

Having spent 27 post college years in the garment and fashion industry I’ve strengthened my sense of fashion and style two attributes needed to create inspiring and functional kitchen & bath designs.

Here’s My Promise

Here’s my promise: I’ll design your project using proven rules of space management, ergonomics and lots of experience!

Next you and I will add detail such as color & texture consistent with those elements existing in adjacent spaces or rooms. This will give us results which are inspiring to you and your guests.


You need to know all the costs before starting. This takes some time but remember proper preparation brings desired results and knowing the real costs before you start will give you a high level of enjoyable comfort throughout the remodeling phase.